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provides advertisers an ideal solution in the field of marketing, as we help our advertisers increase their revenue and maximize their ROI by creating unique conditions that allow for greater customer attraction.

Strategic Ads + Target Audience = Quality Impression

Quality Impression + High Conversion Rate = Maximum ROI

Our advanced systems and global publisher network ensure that you can easily maximize your visibility and most importantly your revenue by automatically optimizing for media rich text advertisements. Our risk-free performance based ad network (CPA) have helped us carve out one of the most effective solutions to enhance promotions and visibility for our advertisers.

We guarantee our advertisers conversion and results, meaning that they only pay for results. Instead of wasting your money on advertisements in verticals you’re unsure of you can rest assured as our system is capable of scanning thousands of publishers verticals on a daily basis, ensuring you high-quality and optimized promotional campaigns. This promotion method provides maximum investment profitability.

Why Choose Us?

Adwoz can tap into new traffic, acquire prospects, and generate sales by growing your current reach to publishers. When expanding this reach we offer powerful keyword tools to certify your ads are only shown when and where you want them to be.

Due to Adwoz’ independent network, we can offer low bid prices which will save you money when generating traffic.

Advertise Your Brand

Benefit from our various Ad placement options.
  • Display & Rich Media ads

    We provide Advertisers and Publishers an effective tool to create tags and campaigns with the following type of ads: Banners, Popunders and Slide in. Also let them choose between Cost Per Mile and Cost Per Clicks (CPM & CPC )

  • Capping/Limits on Campaigns

    Advertisers can set on their campaigns the Daily Budget, and also the capping per day.

  • Targeted Campaigns

    Every campaign on our Ad Server can be targeted on the following criterion: Category, Country and user agents.

  • Anti Bot system

    We have developed an anti bot system that has been integrated in our ad server platform to stop fake impressions and clicks.

  • Responsive Layout

    Our Ad server platform runs on a responsive layout, our users can access the platform on mobile and tablets too!