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Adwoz Edge

Our main goal at AdWoz is to provide business starters, promoters, entrepreneurs, etc. an online platform to create marketing ads and strategies to further promote their company’s impression. Whether the objective is to bring more traffic to your website or inform others of your business on a more extensive level, AdWoz facilitates with your goal of business expansion.

Every business owner’s dream is to strengthen their business’s image, create a need for their product and successfully generate traffic to their site. These three aspects are like the holy trinity for business optimization. When successfully promoting a business, performing effective marketing procedures is a job that’s never done. Upholding your company’s name requires constant effort and dedication. If you think you’ve done all it takes to market your business but are still looking for more approaches, this online platform has been created just for you, opportunist.

AdWoz serves to provide business starters, promoters, and entrepreneurs ways to further promote their business. If your objective is to inform others of your business on a more extensive level, AdWoz facilitates with your goal of business expansion. Here is your opportunity to create ads, banners and other informative displays for your business’s benefit. Once you’ve created your ad on AdWoz, you can post your ad to your website or print it out for face-to-face marketing. You can even set the ideal price you’d like to pay to create your ad! Sign up with us today for free and keep your message front and center because advertising is not a cost, but an investment in your business.

Advertising Solutions

Develop brand awareness and build your targeted traffic.
  • Display & Rich Media ads

    We provide Advertisers and Publishers an effective tool to create tags and campaigns with the following type of ads: Banners, Popunders and Slide in. Also let them choose between Cost Per Mile and Cost Per Clicks (CPM & CPC )

  • Capping/Limits on Campaigns

    Advertisers can set on their campaigns the Daily Budget, and also the capping per day.

  • Targeted Campaigns

    Every campaign on our Ad Server can be targeted on the following criterion: Category, Country and user agents.